Capricorn & Pisces – The Birth Temple of Krishna

photo: Poco a Poco license: GNU/FDL
Capricorn and Pisces – The Birth Temple of Krishna photo: Poco a Poco license: GNU/FDL

Astrology & Sacred Sites: Capricorn & Pisces – The Birth Temple of Krishna

The site of the birth temple of  Krishna in the city of Mathura is situated in the constellation of strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of separation with the spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the divine and of mystification. This applies to astrogeographical radius level 3 that describes how the place is embedded in the surrounding area. This astrological constellation stands for a situation where the value and the rights of individuals are under challenge. Therefore it does not represent the typical qualities of Sri Krishna but rather is symptomatic of the circumstances of Krishna`s birth in a prison dungeon, where his parents had been in detention for many years.

Krishna was the seventh child of the couple. The first 6 children had been murdered by King Kamsa because of a forecast, that the seventh of their children would kill him.

Indian astrologer BV Raman Rao claims Krishna`s birth date to be 19/7/3228 B.C. at 0:00. The date as well as the birth data calculated by him for that day are uncertain. But this data reveals which astrological aspects have been traditionally believed to describe Krishna : the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo the sign of the Sun and light, Ascendant conjunct the Moon in Taurus the sign of cows and Mars and Venus in Cancer.

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