Pisces and Libra: Al-Tahrir Square in Cairo

photo:Frank Schulenburg license:ccbysa3.0
Pisces and Libra: Al-Tahrir Square in Cairo
photo:Frank Schulenburg license:ccbysa3.0

Pisces and Libra:  Al-Tahrir Square in Cairo

Since the starting of the demonstrations and the uprising on January 25 2011 Al-Tahrir-Square in Cairo has been the centre of protest and revolution in Egypt. The astrological constellation here combines the mystic spiritual water sign Pisces with the peaceful, liberal air sign Libra. This applies to morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere, energetical topics of the square and how it is embedded in central Cairo.

The combination of these romantic two signs indicates that the site really has all potential for a relatively peaceful place and thus throws a really positive light on the demonstrations and the possible future that could arise from the events here. The combination of Libra the sign of openness, relationship, harmony, balance, beauty, decoration, angels and of peace with highly relaxed, mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the holidays, dreaming, spirituality, temples, mystification stands for a relatively  relaxed and romantic site. Inside of a city Pisces stands for an atmosphere that transcends the habitual routines and priorities of functionality of everyday life`s needs with a tendency to allow the space for relaxing and letting go. Typical for Pisces is that it supports the tendency of allowing open spaces inside of a city.  Aristocratic air sign Libra is the sign of decoration and higher culture and as such resonates with the position of the world famous Museum of Egyptian History in the same morphogenetic field.

The egyptian revolution of 2011 or revolution of 25th January

Starting day of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011
25 Jan 2011, calculated for midnight, Al-Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square as a central site of resonance for the 25 January Revolution: The protests that led to the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 were triggered when the Moon joined Saturn who had been moving overe the astrogeographical coordinate of Tahrir Square in Libra for over a year.   The astrogeographical coordinate in Pisces was occupied by Uranus the planet of protests,  rebellion, revolution, self-finding, reconnection with the fuller potentials and of all kinds of changes in general.

Astrogeographic position of Cairo for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supraregional, global resonance of Cairo along with the central government of Egypt: One coordinate lies at 15°in air sign Aquarius and the other at 29°Pisces. Just like Shanghai and Alexandria Cairo is thus located in the river delta constellation Aquarius with Pisces. See details in my blog article: Astrogeographic positions of the largest cities worldwide

During the 25 January 2011 Revolution in Egypt Uranus the planet of revolutions at 27°Pisces was approaching the astrogeographic coordinate of the Egyptian government at 29°Pisces and Saturn at 17°Aquarius joined by the Moon in the early morning hours conjunct the 2nd astrogeographic coordinate of Cairo in Aquarius the sign of revolution which also represents the sign of Uranus` rulership.   



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