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This blog is meant to be a documentation of my astrogeographical world map. In future you will find interesting information here about entirely new aspects of astrology, which you can not find anywhere else.
The main topic will be discussing the astrology of the unique character of places, their special significance and special atmosphere and the understanding of the way places are embedded in their surroundings and in the morphogenetic field that they lie in.
Through these studies I opened up a very ancient chapter of astrology through a new approach to the astrology of places and developed a unique system that I call Astrological Geomancy. Through extensive astrogeomantical field studies of the features of the twelve astrological signs I developed the system of Astrological Geography published on It offers a whole new form of interpretion of the character of places in relation to the birth chart of people as well as the foundation chart of countries or companies.

Plenty of approaches and sciences of Geomancy which deal with the study of the energetic conditions of places have been explored independently in different cultures worldwide. In Shamanism in Africa and Asia, North and South America and in Europe as well as in Australia, this field of knowledge has been explored. It has been a necessity in all cultures to understand the places where people used to live and this knowledge has been studied by far more extensively than it has been handed down.

The Chinese Feng Shui and the Indian science of Vasthu are two very highly developed and documented traditional sciences, but it is important to understand that even if many cultures have left no written record about this science people may have lived through a lot more knowledge and applied more of it in primitive cultures as we would imagine today.

In european history geomancy has been used in connection with architecture in many ways. In this blog I will try to document all kinds of interesting things that I find out about places write some astrogeographical interpretations about their constellations.

I would appreciate it if you made some suggestions about interesting sites or things that you may find out about the astrology of places in order to enrich this topic here.

With best wishes to all readers !
Georg Stockhorst

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