The Birthplace of Zeus in Sagittarius

Astrology and Magical Places:  The Birthplace of Zeus in Sagittarius

There are a number places  that have been identified as the possible birthplace of Zeus the king or father among the greek gods. For astrological considerations the legends about Zeus are of particular importance as descriptions of the character, attributes and history of Jupiter. The roman god Jupiter is a derivative of the greek god Zeus.

Cave of Dikti (Psychro Cave)


Cave of Dikti (Psychro Cave), Crete is located in Sagittarius with Cancer photo: Jerzy Strzelecki, ccbysa3.0

Zeus` Cave of Psychro also called Dictaean Cave on the island of Crete is the most important of the possible Zeus Caves.

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Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and energetical situation of the cave itself: 0° Cancer the archetypal degree of pregnancy and Sagittarius Zeus` own sign

For field level 4 which defines the topic of the cave itself the site is located exactly between defensive water sign Scorpio sign of the underworld and one of the most important astrological indicator for caves and dynamic mental fire sign Sagittarius which in astrology is the sign of the home and rulership of Zeus (Jupiter). The second coordinate of the cave too is located right in between two signs (Gemini/Cancer) on the cardinal degree of 0° Cancer the sign of motherhood, pregnancy, being at home and emotional individuality. Together with Scorpio Cancer is the most important astrological indicating sign for caves.

Field level 1 – the global indication of the astrogeographic position of Psychro cave: Zeus was born in his own territory (Sagittarius) and in the position of the strongest among the tyrants (27° Scorpio)

For field level 1 which describes the global meaning of Psychro Cave the place is located at 5° of the mental fire sign Sagittarius, an aspect which indicates that Zeus would have been born in his own sign or field and not in exile here. The 2nd coordinate of global importance falls on 27° of defensive, hierarchical, fixed water sign Scorpio.

For astrological evaluation of this degree it is to be compared to the last degrees of the other fixed signs. Similar to the last degrees of water sign Scorpio the last degrees of fire sign Leo and earth sign Taurus like only few other parts of the zodiac stand for wealth and dominion.  If we assume that the position in the last degrees of earth sign Taurus indicates the climax of material wealth and property (richest farmer or possessor of real estate) and the position in the last degree of royal fire sign Leo describes the climax of individual kingdom (Sun King) then the last degrees in Scorpio the sign of assertiveness in social hierarchies indicates the social role conduct of the dominator in social groups.  Or to say it shortly: The position in the last degrees of Scorpio does not stand for the richest among land owners and farmers (Taurus) or the most glorious of the sun kings (Leo) but rather for the strongest among the tyrants (Scorpio).

Ideon Cave

Ideon Cave one possible birthplace of Zeus photo: Henry Hartley, CCBYSA3.0

The Ideon Cave  too is located on the island of Crete

Astrogeographic Positions:

The constellation for Field levels 3 and 4 of Ideon Cave is identical – Aries sign of warfare and Gemini sign of practical intelligence

In the case of the Ideon Cave the astrogeographic coordinates for both the field levels 3 and 4 are identical. One coordinate is located in dynamic, male fire sign Aries the sign of warfare, ignition new starts and the other one in pratical air sign Gemini. Gemini appears as the sign of intelligence, cleverness, communciaction, learning, technology and in case of a religious place indicator for a site dedicated to practical magic. The Ideon Cave has been used for initiation rites which is of course an aspect both for passing on wisdom (Sagittarius) and for passing on information (Gemini).

Field level 1: Both coordinates in the tyrannical zone at the end of Scorpio

For field level 1 which decribes the global importance of the Ideon Cave both coordinates are located in the last degrees at 25° and 28° of water sign Scorpio. The same interpretation has the same indication here for the position in Scorpio as above at the site of the Psychro Cave.

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