Astrogeography of Tehran and future Transits

Astrology, politics, history & places: Astrogeography of Tehran and future Transits of the outer planets in relation to the Iranian capital and government. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran was founded with Pluto exactly conjunct Tehran`s 17°Libra astrogeographical position – that transit explains it`s plutonic nature. Now in 2018 Pluto is exactly square Tehran explaining the current pressure from other plutonics: Saudi-Arabia and the USA on the country. The US – Saudi alliance under Trump has been directly threatening Tehran with war for the last 12 months.

Astrogeographic position ofTehran for morphogenetuic field level 1 which describes the international and supraregional topics of the government and capital of Persia: (Iran) is located at 17° of air sign Libra and 13° of water sign Scorpio.

Iran Proclamation of the Ismalic Republic by Ayatollah Chomeini April, 1 1979, 15:00 Tehran, data source: Nicholas Campion
Iran Proclamation of the Islamic Republic by Ayatollah Chomeini April, 1  1979, 15:00 Tehran, data source: Nicholas Campion

The Islamic Republic of Iran was founded on the climax of Pluto`s transit exactly conjunct the capital Tehran`s position at 17° Libra in 1979. The transit period lasted from November 1977 until September 1980. As Pluto represents also the ruling planet of the 2nd coordinate of Tehran his transits over the position in Libra as well as over the coordinate at 13° Scorpio between November 1987 and October 1990 were of highest importance for the stability of the Iranian government. This can be seen from the fact that the US backed attack of Sadam Hussein`s  Iraq on Iran during the first Gulf War between September 1980 and  August 1988 began immediatlely after the first Pluto transit in conjunction to Tehran (Nov 77-Sept 80) and ended at the beginning of the second (Nov 87-Oct 90).

And Pluto is also good indicator to describe major features of the political system introduced in Iran after the Iranian revolution. The extremely alert and defensive, highly ideological and dogmatic regime installed during Ayatollah Chomeini`s reign as a single person dictator, the extremely hierarchical structure of the political system, the rule of ideological pseudo religious dogmas and tribal laws (Sharia), the suppression of women and individual rights.

The current transits of Uranus in opposition between May 2014 (14° Libra) and January 2017 (20° Libra) and Pluto in tight square from February 2015 (14° Libra) until October 2019 (20° Libra) to the Iranian Capital show that there is reason to assume that profound changes in the country`s politics are to be expected.

The historic nuclear framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1 countries in Geneva from 3 April 2015 is one possible step into the direction of these political changes.

At the same time Pluto`s square transit to Tehran stands for the high pressure exerted on Tehran by another extremely dogmatic, pseudo-religious and hierarchical regime: the Saudi-Arabian sunnite global player and its terrorist armies:  ISIS and others – supported by the US political strategy dedicated at the destabilization of the whole of the Middle East.

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