Astrogeographic position of Beijing – transits for the capital of China

Astrogeographic position of Beijing – transits for the capital of China

Astrology, History and Politics: Astrogeographic position of Beijing – past and future transits for the capital and government of China.

Transits of the outer planets in relation to the astrogeographical position of governments often mark the important historical changes in the history of a nation.  Transits of the fast moving planets explain the triggering factors for the climax events of long term historical processes  The quality of the transiting planet and the signs can be used for the more advanced and deeper evaluation of the meaning of important events and long-term processes.

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Astrogeographical position of Beijing for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supraregional and international resonance of the capital and  government of China: For morphogenetic field level 1 the astrogeographic position of the  central government area in Beijing is located at around 3° of highly energetic, magnetic, self-centered, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the Sun, light, kingdom, absolutism and centralism. The second coordinate lies in a fire sign too: around 17° of dynamic, mental Sagittarius sign of thinking, philosophy, , profit-orientation, expansion, priest castes (mandarin, brahmin), luxury, win-win situations, style, design, ornamentation, thinking, philosophy and a major reoantor for corruption.

The combination of Leo with Sagittarius  or Sun with Jupiter is known to represent royalty, kingdom and the absolutist rule of a single person. In other words:  the expansion (Sagittarius) of centralist rule (Leo. The astrogeographical coordinates of Beijing therefore resonate with the role of the place as the heart and centre of monarchy and absolutism – explaining Beijing as the ideal site for a centralist and absolutistic political system.

Foundation Chart for China calculated for 1 october 1949, Beijing - exact time of foundation is uncertain - I used 15:15 - as some astrologers do but will interprete only transits here and not the house system, ascendant or MC.
Foundation Chart for China calculated for 1 October 1949, Beijing – exact time of foundation is uncertain – I used 15:15 – as some astrologers do but will interprete only transits here and not the house system, ascendant or MC.

The supposed exact time of the proclamation of the people`s Republic of China at around 15:00 is highly plausible and fascinating in regard to the position of the Moon at 3° Aquarius the sign of revolution, emancipation, self-finding, reconnection with the spiritual origin and full potemtial of individuals, companies or countries in exact opposition and confrontation to the astrogeographic coordinate of the central government area near the seat of the Chinese Emperors in the Forbidden City and near the Place of Heavenly Peace at 3° Leo the sign of kingdoms,  emperors and monarchy. The Moon`s opposition to Beijong fom Aquarius the sign of revolution finished with the 2132 year long history of the Emperors of China!!  Saturn at 13° Virgo the sign of slavery was  moving into a tight, challenging square position to the Forbidden City`s coordinate at 17° Sagittarius the sign of the luxury castes. This describes that the proclamation of the People`s Republic was wiping out the traditional chinese caste system. Read my blog about the Forbidden City.

The heavy and highly dramatic Mars- Pluto conjunction between 15 and 17 Leo in house 7 of the foundation of the PRC may be used to interprete the extremely powerful and heavily violent centralistic government of the new state.  Even though it may be hard to understand this from the point of view of western countries it was in a highly harmonius aspect to the astrogeographic position of the central government at 17° Sagittarius. It so is to be seen as a profoundly stabilizing factor for the world`s largest population in a single country.

The Tianmen Protestes of 1989 with the Saturn-Neptune conjunction atnear 13°Capricorn on the mirrorpoint position of Beijing 17°Sagittarius coordinate

Charts for the beginning and end of the Tiananmen Square Uprising during Perestroika in 1989
Astrological Charts for the beginning and end of the Tiananmen Square Protests during Perestroika in 1989

The astrological charts for the Tiananmen Protests in 1989 reveal the resonance of the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of 1989 at the climax of Perestroika with the astrogeographic position of Beijing. The Saturn/Neptune conjunction at 13° Capricorn the major indicator for the Perestroika was conjunct the “Mirrorpoint” of Beijing`s  astrogeographic position at 17° Sagittarius. For the importance of the Saturn – Neptune conjunction read my articles about Moscow and Berlin.

The process of the transit of Saturn over Beijing`s 17° Sagittarius coordinate between February 2016 (15° Sagittarius) and December 2016 (20° Sagittarius) is to be expecrted as a stabilizing aspect for the chinese government although economic growth can be expected to slow down in a natural process of reduction of overboosting tendencies and the need to clear negative developments.

Uranus transits

Uranus` transit over the 17°Sagittarius position between  Jabuary 1985 and October 1986 were accompanied by a 16° inflation rate that resulted in  the 1986 Student Demonstrations that were started on 5 December 1986 in the City of Heifei.

Uranus square transition to the astrogeographic position at 3° Leo between May 2018 (0°Taurus) and May 2020 (6°Taurus) could be challenging economic growth and political stability as the developing middle classes may demand more influence, personal wealth and expansion. The food sector (Taurus) may demand new technologies and ecological issues (Taurus as the sign of mother earth) more and more attention. This transit could also indicate opening up more and more to global political institutions such as a world government.

Uranus` transit over 17°Gemini  and in opposition to the central government in Beijing began in July 1945 (15°Gemini) and ended in May 1947 (19° Gemini). It brought the end of the japanese rule through the capitulation of japanese troops in China on 9 Sept. 1945 and started the final phase of the Chinese Civil War between 1946-1950 that ended with the evection of Chiang Kai-shek`s troops to Taiwan.

Astrology & History: Capitulation of Japanese troops in China on 9 Sept. 1945 calculated for 12:00 noon with Uranus on 17°22`Gemini in exact opposition to Beijing

Neptune transits

The phase of Neptune´s transit in a square to the 17° Sagittarius astrogeographic coordinate of Beijing between April 2018 (15° Pisces) and February 2021 (20° Pisces) is to be understood  as an extremely challenging period for the chinese government. Ecological issues should be confronted actively before this potentially destabilizing transit.

Neptune´s last transit over the square to Beijing from the 17°Virgo position between October 1935 and October 1937 brought the Japanese Invasion of China that was triggered by the Marco Polo Bridge incident on 7 July 1937:

Mundane Chart for the Incident at Marco Polo that started the Japanese Invasion of China on 7 July 1937 near Beijing

Mercury at 13°59`Cancer (and conjunct the Sun at 15°01`Cancer) was occupying a the mirrorpoint opposition with Beijing`s 17°Sagittarius coordinate. describing the incident as an act of provocation.

Also part of the era of that Neptune transit was the Long March – the retreat of the Chinese Red Army to escape Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek‘s troops between 1934 until october 1935. Neptune appears as the perfect indicator for a successful retreat here. The Long March brought Mao Zedong‘s ascent to power. Mao became the leader of the red Army and Communist Party in October 1935 right at the beginning of Neptune´s conjunction transit of Bejing in the exile in  northern Shaanxi. His leadership during the retreat gained Mao the support of the members of the Communist Party.

Neptune`s last transit in conjunction with the 17°Sagittarius position of the chinese government  began in January 1977 and ended in October 1979. This transit accompanied the beginning of the slow but highly effective economical changes under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping which resulted in the rise of China to the World´s economical superpower.

Pluto transits

Another long-term transit of highest importance for the position of the chinese government will be Pluto`s ingress into Aquarius  which will  activate the phase of its transit in opposition to the 3° Leo astrogeographic coordinate. This phase will last from March 2023 (0° Aquarius) until December 2028 (6° Aquarius), As the Moon in the birth chart of the People`s Republic of China was located at 3° Aquarius this transit has a lot of potential for bringing harmonius change and further transformation of the chinese political, social and economic systems. But of course that can be possible only if the government`s institutions will be able to find a way to deal with new developments.

Pluto`s transit conjunct the 3°Leo position of Bejing between August 1938 (Leo ingress) and June 1943 (5°Leo) brought the recuperation of the Chinese Red Army and the spreading of the influence of the Communist Party that layed the  foundation for the rise of the Communist Party to power between 1945 and 1946. As the ruler of Scorpio the sign of strongholds and self-defense as well as of dogma Pluto resonated with the strengthening of the communist ideology and also of the rise a new chinese system of self defense.

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