Astrological Geomancy – what is it?

Astrological Geomancy – what is it?

To be precise, astrological geomancy is an area of research in which the sciences of astrology and geomancy overlap. Astrological symbols, techniques and research results are to be met very often in Geomancy and are for example an essential component of Feng Shui’s teachings and methodology. The system that I have developed is, however, much more complex, because it allows the meaning of individual places with respect to their environment to be determined on 6 different levels, and offers the unique possibility of calculating the interweaving of different levels of reality from the smallest unit of measurement with zones 2.5m square, which determines the astrological co-ordinates of the position of a stool in a living room, up to a zone size of 622km square, where it’s a matter of the astrological coordinates of a whole country.
Here are the various levels of correspondence and their meaning: the sides are respectively noth-south and east-west:

2,5 m indicates the meaning of individual rooms in a house or individual plants in a garden
30 m indicates the meaning of a house in a village or block of houses
360 m indicates the meaning of a village or a block of houses in a landscape or town district
4,32 km indicates the meaning of a town district or a small town in a region
51,84 km indicates the meaning of a region in a country
622 km indicates the meaning of a country in a continent

Because of the interweaving it is even theoretically possible to determine astrologically the meaning of a tree in, or for, a continent. You can literally zoom in to places and zones on different levels of reality. The astrological mapping of space and time becomes a directly interlocking reality.
The starting point for all my astrological observations and calculations are in principle the streets of Berlin, above all the Wilmersdorfer Straße, Kantstraße, Kurfürstendamm and Oranienstraße.
I decided to use a 30m zone length only after many experiments with different lengths.
I wanted to find out which sign of the zodiac the newsagent, the chemist, the bank or the baker was in. After I had just speculated about such astrological correspondences for years, I started at some point to systematize them and mark them on town plans. Only then did it become clear how imprecise not only my speculations were, but also the one-meter steps with which I had tried to map the streets up to then. At this point, it was in 1992, I was so frustrated with my results that I almost could have given up my whole research. I had critically checked the mapping of the streets mentioned above for so long that I was hardly able to feel a sense of euphoria about any new discovery. Although it’s the spurts of euphoria that drive us on to new research, they are also manic feelings and basically personal overestimations. As long as I found myself more ingenial than God’s perfect order, whose structure I was looking for, I experienced again and again how disappointment and as a result a devaluation of all my research results arose when the spurt of euphoria was over.
In the end, I only found the fruits of my euphoric flights of fantasy through my critical disappointments.
And so I started to draw zones in the street plans from the town planning department exactly 30m square and then to rub out the sides of the zones again and again in order to push them back and forth.

And that took years as well. At first I had expected that in principle every chemist should lie in the sign of Virgo and every newsagent in Gemini. But of course that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, I found out by mapping the Kantstraße that 4 out of 6 chemists lie in Virgo, the sign of medicine. And not only that: the branch of the Chemists’ and Doctors’ Bank lies in Virgo as well:

Chemists’ and Doctors’ Bank, (Apotheker- und Ärtzebank) Kantstraße 129a
Virgo(W-E) – Scorpio(N-S)

Right next door, just 20m further east, in Libra, the sign of love and relationships and also princesses, is this shop for wedding dresses:

This is also a discovery of the very best, because 99,9 out of 100 astrologers would certainly have thought off the cuff that such a shop would be in Libra, the sign for beauty, relationships and marriage. The north-south coordinates lie in the sign of Scorpio – so that the bride can go through a metamorphosis with this outfit – Cinderella turns into a fairy tale princess here.

[“La Sposa Bella” – the beautiful bride. Kantstraße 130
(Libra W-E/ Scorpio N-S)]

The next highlight in the Zodiac sequence in the Kantstraße is the Schlecker (engl. : Licker) tongue in the sign of Scorpio, about 20m east of the wedding dress shop. The common Scorpio tongue’s sensuousness is so to say the opposite of the Taurus tongue’s (sign of the mouth), in that more is tasted with the eyes in Scorpio than in Taurus. Otherwise the motifs are very similar – even though for the middle class the Taurus greed is socially more acceptable. (Scorpio/Scorpio) I have often observed the cheap drugstore Schlecker in Scorpio, whereas Drospa is more often to be found in Gemini, Virgo or Aquarius and Kaisers in Sagittarius. (Drospa and Kaisers are other chains of cheap drugstores).

Kantstraße 130
Scorpio(W-E) – Scorpio(N-S)

Opposite the Chemists’ and Doctors’ Bank and likewise in the sign of Virgo lies the branch of the discount book chain 2001, as shown below. Discount stores like these often have a white exterior in the sign of Virgo, as you can see here, and also in examples of the cheap flower chain Blume 2000 (note the similarity in the name) and the discount bakers right next door. Both shops are exactly a Zodiac length of 360m west of the zone where the Chemists’ and Doctors’ Bank and “2001” lie:

Discount book chain 2001, Kantstraße 42, in the sign of Virgo (30m zones (W-E)

Discount flower chain,
Kantstraße 56,
Virgo(W-E) – Virgo(N-S)
Discount bakers, Kantstraße 56,
Virgo(W-E) – Virgo(N-S)

Kantstraße 108
Pisces/Aries(W-E) – Libra(N-S)

This picture shows the transition between a Pisces and an Aries zone and is also the starting point of a Zodiac of 360m. The red cars are of course already in Aries, but the blue one as well. Although you could be inclined to think: Pisces = water sign = blue – Aries = fire sign = red. But of course cars are mobile and always park there where they fit according to the current transits. The boundary runs so here that the entrance to the house at Kanstraße 108 already lies in the sign of Aries. The shop advertisement “Dreamland” marks the difference to the Aries zone. “Dreamland” is also of course a wonderful symbol for a Pisces zone, since you wouldn’t think of any other sign in connection with a dream world.

Astrological maps and townplans

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