Astrology and Hotels: Propeller Islands City Lodge, Berlin

Astrology and Hotels: Propeller Islands City Lodge, Berlin

Propeller Island City Lodge is a hotel and art installation in Berlin – Wilmerdorf designed by artist Lars Storschen. It is known for its eclectic and elaborately themed rooms.

Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the exact position and atmosphere of the hotel itself: the site of the Propeller Island City Lodge is located right in between homely, emotional water sign Cancer sign of  emotional individuality and authenticity and feeling at home and highly energetic, magnetic, self-centered royal fire sign Leo sign of the Sun, emotional self-expression, having fun and sexuality. 2nd coordinate too is in Leo emphasizing the energetically highly independent, self-centered topic of the hotel project.


List of Rooms:

  • 4 beams – Bed is suspended by ropes and surrounded by four large wooden posts
  • Blue room – Room draped completely in blue with mirrored stainless steel “sails” on the walls
  • Castle – Fortress-styled furnishings and abstract architecture painted on the walls
  • Dwarf – Room is 1.4 metres (4 feet 7 inches) high and contains plastic gnomes
  • Electric Wallpapers – Decorated with computer art; includes a kitchen
  • Flying Bed – Slanted floor that creates an illusion of a flying bed
  • Forest – Styled after a cabin; bed is built atop a stack of logs
  • Freedom – Designed as a prison cell with an escape hole “broken” through a wall
  • Gallery – Features a circular bed that can be rotated with a pedal to change view of the room
  • Glas House – Constructed with stained glass and antique windows
  • Grandma’s – Antique decor, bathroom concealed in room’s wardrobe
  • Gruft – Goth-inspired room with coffin beds and a labyrinth underneath
  • Hol(l)y-Wood – Transparent red glass walls and ladder-accessible beds
  • Landscapes – Wave-shaped walls and an octagonal ceiling
  • Medi-Terra – Styled after a Mediterranean village
  • Mirror room – Walls and ceiling are completely covered in mirrors
  • Museum – Contains artifacts from history of the City Lodge
  • Nightlight – Bronze and gold walls with a giant plastic bag bathtub
  • Nudes – Decorated with nude art
  • Orange – Room decorated completely in orange
  • Padded Cell – Modeled after a padded room in a psychiatric hospital
  • Space-Cube – Blue industrial decor; bed can be separated by crank-operated illuminated barrier
  • Speicher – Beam construction similar to a barn with a loft
  • Symbols – Tiled floor to ceiling with symbols and glyphs
  • The Table – Features raised circular bed in middle of the room
  • Tempel – Styled after an Asian temple with a stepped bed
  • Therapy – Features a variety of colored lights that can illuminate the room in different ways
  • Two Lions – Design similar to a zoo or circus train; contains two elevated cages that can be used as beds
  • Upside Down – Furniture is fixed upside-down on the ceiling; beds are hidden under the floor
  • Wrapped – Tube-shaped room reminiscent of a mine shaft with terraced beds


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