Syrian Civil War and Future Transits for Damascus

Syrian Civil War and Future Transits for Damascus

Astrology, politics & History: the astrogeographical position of the syrian capital Damascus and future transits

The current situation in  Syria begand with the Transit of Uranus into Aries activating a square to the astrogeographical coordinate of the Syrian capital Damaskus at 5°Capricorn 6 days before the beginning of the Civil War. At the same time Pluto at 6° Capricorn was conjunct that position. Now that Uranus. From this it can be concluded that there is an intense questioning of any Syrian government until 2020 (see explanation in the text). The next really tight transit wil be Pluto i n a square to Damascus from 16° Capricorn effective until November 2018.

Astrogeographical position of Damascus for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the supraregional, international role of the Syrian Capital : Damascus is located with one coordinate at 5° in earth sign Capricorn and the second at 16° in fire sign Aries.

The astrogeographical position of Damascus at 5° Capricorn falls in an exact opposition to the US capital Washington located at 6° Cancer. Therefore the effects of the extremely strong astrological transits of Pluto over 5° Capricorn and Uranus in Aries between 2010 and 2013 ocurred for both capitals at the same time. The Start of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011 fell into the period of these transits. The chart below shows the planetary positions for 17 March 2011.

Syrian Civil War beginning of the riots and first killings in the southern town of Daraa on 17 March 2011 calculated for sunrise
Syrian Civil War beginning of the riots and first killings in the southern town of Daraa on 17 March 2011 calculated for sunrise – data source

The start of the Syrian Civil War on 17 March 2011 and as a consequence the rise of ISIL ocurred only 5 days after Uranus` entry into Aries. For historical comparisons it has to be noted that the transit of Uranus in Aries was his first return to the positions he took during the period of the rise of the Nazis between April 1927 and March 1935. This is highly important for understanding the racist and fascist movements that we are experiencing all over the world as a consequence of the rise of ISIL: fascist parties entering in nearly all parliaments in Europe, the Brexit campaign and the Trump candidacy.

Pluto at 6° Capricorn was exactly conjunct the  5° Capricorn position of Damascus at the outbreak of the syrian Civil War, The support of the uprising from the USA and Europe was fatal.  The question has to be asked in how far Pluto reflects a political calculation by France, Britain, Germany and other european countries and anyway the USA aimed at an attack on the russian sphere of influence and the further destabilziation of the region.

Astrogeographical Position of Damascus and Future Transits

Damascus the capital of Syria is located at 5° Capricorn and 16° Aries.

Between January 2010 and December 2012 Pluto passed the coordinate of the syrian capital at 5° Capricorn as he transited between 3° and 7° Capricorn.  During that period Uranus moved into the sensitive position at 0° Aries (compare attack on Fort Sumter for Washington) in May 2010 adding to the tension caused by Pluto until March 2013. And finally Saturn`s transit into Libra between October 2009 and October 2010 made the year 2010 an intensely questioning phase  for the government in Damascus.

The transit of Uranus between June 2013 and February 2016 over the second coordinate of Damascus at 16° Aries may be evaluated to have had a comparatively stabilizing effect for the government in Damascus as the syrian civil war spread across the border into Irak forcing the USA, France and other western countries to change their politics and postpone their attempts for further destabilization of the political situation in Syria.

The extremely tight and highly problematic transit of Pluto in a square to Damascus between February 2014 and November 2018 indicates that the syrian government will continue to be under heavy threat particularly by influences from outside of the country. Pluto`s square transition will be followed directly by the square position of Saturn to Damascus between January 2019 and January 2020,  so that a phase of stabilization should not be calculable before the year 2020.

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