2017 Saint Petersburg Metro bombing in astrogeography

2017 Saint Petersburg Metro bombing in astrogeography

The 2017 Saint Petersburg Metro bombing occured on  3 April 2017 at 14:40 on the Saint Petersburg Metro between Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. 14 people and at least 45 others were injured. The explosive device was contained in a briefcase. A second bomb was found and defused on a train at Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station. The suspected perpetrator was named as Akbarzhan Jalilov, a Russian citizen born in Kyrgyzstan

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international, supraregional topics of Saint Petersburg: one coordinate is located on the initial degree  1° in dynamic male, fire sign  Aries sign of action, warfare, speed, new beginnings. The second coordinate lies  at 3° in creative, innovative holistic air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-finding, inspiration, progress, revolution and recapitulation of one`s fuller potentials

Astrological Event Chart for the St Petersburg Metro Bombing on 03. Apr 2017, 14:40

The bombing came on a day when retrograde Venus moving over the position of Saint Petersburg  regressed back into Pisces activating a square position to Saturn at 28°Sagittarius.

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