The Top 20 Gold Mines worldwide

The Top 20 Gold Mines worldwide in astrogeography: Gold Rush in the three air signs.
The Top 20 Gold Mines worldwide: Gold Rush in the three air signs – or how to understand the fact that 18 out of the Top 20 gold mines in 2016 by production are located in air signs?
How to explain this stunning result of astrogeographical field study? Is it because all gold on our planet came here from outer space? Is it because the gold has been washed into deposits through the veins of the still functioning and former river beds?
Here comes the table of the Top 20 Goldmines worldwide by production in 2016 with their astrogeographic positions for morphogenetic field level 2 (city)
Gold Mines Top 20 statistics

Where the Law of Attraction is no factor

Theoretically places with a strong astrogeographical resonance of fire sign     Leo are first on the list of probable places where astrological consideration would expect gold to be found.  Simply because Leo is the astrological simile of gold. But gold in larger concentrations  is not  found  in Leo.  At least the large gold mines on our planet are not located in Leo – the sign of centralism and attraction.
A 2nd optional sign in which gold could be expected to have been
collected is earth sign Taurus the sign of markets, wealth, money, possessions and collecting. But apart from the Olimpada Mine in Siberia and thre other places where the mining is done on the divide between Taurus and Gemini this is simply not the case. The exclusion of the two most attractive zodiac signs should serve as enough proof to conclude that gold is not concentrated at places through attraction. This must seem obvious from the point of view of a geological  examination but is a strong statement against mystification and occultism in astrological thinking. 

90 % of the largest gold mines are located in air signs

The fact that nearly all the large mines fall in air signs could be explainable by several theories.
First of all: the largest bit of the mining is done in open pit mines as this is the gold that can be reached most easily. This means that the astrogeography of the lergest mines is due to open air mining but does not necessarily mean that gold deposits are in the air signs in the first place.
Secondly: there is the consideration that Gold is not created on our planet but stems from meteorite impacts, This could mean that places in air signs – which are potentially breathing and inhaling spots of our planet are most likely the places where gold comes down.
Thirdly: as gold is washed into river beds by water there is the question wether places in air signs show centers, interfaces or road crossings of the canal systems (nadis) of our planet where the metals are transported and gathered due to their weight.

Capricorn`s role and Witwaters Rand

Capricorn the sign of the most hard and solid rock is the 2nd most frequent factor for gold mines. This could be because Capricorn stands for places where harder rock serves as a barrier that makes it easier for metal deposits to be stored. The astrogeographical positions of Witwatersrand  the largest known gold deposits on our planet in Capricorn supports this factor
Witwatersrand NS cross section between Sagittarius (north) and Capricorn (south) photo: Oggmus, ccbysa3.0
 the largest known gold deposits on our planet is Witwatersrand near Johannesburg in South Africa in which area alone 50 % of all gold ever processed was found is located. At Witwatersrand the coordinate for the astrogeographocal longitude lies in earth sign Capricorn whereas the astrogeographical latitude strectches between the last decade of Sagittarius and the first decade of Capricorn.

Virgo as the sign of mining

Earth sign Virgo the sign of mining (and dwarfs) plays a relatively important role in the list of the largest gold mines. The sign is of course no natural indicator for gold iself but rather for the mining work and possibly also for remote and protected places that serve as gold deposits.
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