The Penis Park in Capricorn with Gemini

The Penis Park in Capricorn with Gemini and the geomantical treatment (in the sense of earth healing) of the restlessness in the spheres of the undead, rejected and unborn.
Haesindang Penis Park located in Capricorn with Gemini and the question which remedy could be best for treatment of lonelyness, feeling deserted or unborn. 
The presentation of the penis sculptures may look spectacular but they are dealing with a really serious topic: the geomantical treatment of the restlessness of the undead.  This is also intensely reflected in the park`s astrogeographic position in Gemini with Capricorn. 
Sculpture in Haesindang Penis Park photo: Amanderson,, ccbysa2.0
The origins of Haesindang Park or simply “Penis Park” in the fishing port of Sinnam on the eastern coast of South Korea derive from a folk tale from centuries ago. The penis sculptures in the park serve the peace of the souls of the fisher women while their men have gone out on the sea with their boats for fishing. The vision of penises are meant to help the women calm down so that they the fish in the waters feel okay and return to the fishing grounds.
This is a story about how emotions effect the morphogenetic field, how we are emotionally connected with nature and the sphere of animals, how the spirits of the undead put a weight on the morphogenetic resonance field of an area and also about the best of remedies against feeling deserted, lonely or left behind.
Sculpture in Haesindang Penis Park photo: Amanderson,, ccbysa2.0
Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the energetical situation and topics of Haesindang Park: the park area is located in the combination of earth sign solid. strict, exclusive earth sign Capricorn sign of control and separation together with neutral, experimental air sign Gemini sign of signposts, communication, information, learning, pubercy and of playing and joking.
The astrological combination of Gemini with Capricorn or its rulers Saturn and Mercury is known to stand for the topics of separation, divorce, abortion, denial, neglection, rejection  and the spheres of the unconceived, unborn and undead. This means that the penis collection is a geomantical (in the sense of earth healing) attempt to overcome  the pains from separation by the presentation of signals to the spheres of the undead and unborn. 

Here is the legend as present on the dangerousminds page: “The basic situation is a familiar one in port and fishing cities across the span of history—as in, the husband is a sailor or a fisherman and is often away at sea while the wife waits at home. So jump back a few centuries: a maiden named Aebawi is married to a fisherman in Sinnam. One day before boarding his boat, the fisherman places his wife on some rocks, with a heartfelt promise to come back soon. But a storm intervenes and prevents his quick return, and poor Aebawi perishes after being swept from the rocks. But due to her premature demise, Aebawi’s purportedly virginal soul remains in the area, and the disquiet in the waters cause the fish to abandon the region in search of a calmer locale. Later on, a man wanders by and chooses Aebawi’s rock as a place to fish. Not wanting to leave his fishing line unattended, he drops trou and relives himself in the waters. The sight of the man’s penis pleases Aebawi’s soul, which has a calming effect on the waters, so the fish decide that they can return to the area.”

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