Skylodge Adventure Suites – luxury 1300 feet above the ground

Skylodge Adventure Suites – luxury 1300 feet above the ground.  Located near Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley, Peru.   Book it via airbnb it for 375 € a night.
Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which desthe cribes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the site itself: coordinate for the astrogeographical longitude lies in cosy, emotional water sign Cancer sign of crabs, snails, shell houses, feeling at home and the uterus, This resonance relates the sleeping experience here to one of a crab that climbs up a rock holding itself tightly and closely to the stone to feel safely independent here and retreat into its cosy shell or snail house.
The coordinate for the astrogeographical latitude lies in solid earth sign Capricorn sign of mountains, rocks and indicator for the prominent position here and on that could make you really feel like being “in” the mountain and not just on it. The Capricorn atmosphere puts even more empasize on the clinging to the rock here.

The astrogeographical coordinate for the larger area (field level 3) in which the skylodge shellhouses accomodation is embedded has both coordinates in royal fire sign Leo sign of royal luxury, self-centeredness, emotional intensity and magnetism and the right for self-expression and self esteem. Leo also stands for the impressive surroundings in Peru`s Sacred Valley.
Read more on the affinity of the sign of Cancer with snail and shell house in my article: “Cancer and Virgo – A Steel House”
The astrogeographical positions in Leo and Capricorn resonate with rhe famous magical site of Machu Picchu:  Leo and Capricorn – The Sun Temple of Machu Picchu
Sacred Valley
The Sacred Valley of the Incas or Urubamba River Valley in the peruvian   Andes is located about 20 kilometres north of the legendary Inca capital of Cusco.
Sacred Valley (around Pisaq), Peru photo: Emmanuel DYAN, ccbysa2.0

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