The astrogeographical position of Baghdad

The astrogeographical position of Baghdad and the Situation in Iraq. Transits of the outer planets in relation to the capital and government of Iraq

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Astrogeographical position of Baghdad for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the supraregional, international situation and role of the capital and government of Iraq: The capital of iraq is located at 10° Capricorn and 22° Cancer. The transits of the planets in relation to Baghdad`s astrogeographical coordinates from the time of the development that led to the 2nd  Gulf War between 2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991 deliver a full astrological proof for these astrogeographical correspondences in relation to Iraq.

Iraqi independence with Pluto conjunct and Uranus square to Baghdad

Astrological chart for the independence of Iraq calculated for October 3 1932 at 13:30 at Baghdad. The event that led to the final independence of Iraq was the Union of Nations vote over the country`s admission at 11:30 at Geneva (Switzerland). Data source: Nicholas Campion.

The independence of Iraq became effective with Pluto at 23°Cancer exactly conjunct one of the two astrogeographical coordinates of Baghdad, Pluto stood for the process of transformation, restructuring and redefinition of the society and national identity. At the same time Uranus in exact square from 21°Aries exerted the strongest demand for social and political change onto the society. The Sun at 10°Libra was in exact square revealing the intense challenge to the government.

The chart already contained the position of Mars at 7°Leo in House 7 a constellation of hostility on the astrogeographical resonance degree of Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh Iraq´s most important and most powerful enemy.

Uranus and Neptune conjunct Baghdad during the 2nd Gullf War 

Gulf War Air War Start, 17 January 1991, 2:38, Baghdad
Gulf War Air War Start, 17 January 1991, 2:38, Baghdad with Uranus & Neptune conjunct Baghdad

First of all  Uranus went conjunct the Baghdad`s 10°  Capricorn coordinate between April 1990 and January 1991 explaining a strong tendency to seek a change of the countriy`s inner situation and possibly even the governments fear to be overturned.   Neptune at 11° Capricorn was conjunct Baghdad´s position for 8 weeks in September and October 1990 in a typical constellation of paralysis of the population and a constellation before defeat. Compare neptune`s transit over Berlin during the whole of World War 2 that described the paralysis of the population under tan extreme and destructive form of dictatorship.

And finally Saturn at 22° Capricorn was in  exact transit over the opposition point of the astrogeographical position of Baghdad at 22° Cancer in early December 1990.

No transits of the outer planets during the US attack on Baghdad in 2003

Iraq War Start, 20 March 2003, 2:30, Baghdad
Iraq War Start, 20 March 2003, 2:30, Baghdad with only fast moving planets aspecting Baghdad`s positions: Moon in a square & Mars conjunct

Interestingly none of the outer planets was in clear transit of the astrogeographic correspondences of Bahgdad at the time of the beginning  of the illegitimate attack on Iraq by the Bush administration in March 2003. This can be judged as a clear indication that the cause for this war did not lie in Iraq itself. The country was a clear victim of the US – Saudi alliance`s strategical policies aimed at splitting the country into several single states.  This can be judged from the conjucntion of Venus with Neptune the constellation of territorial destabilization in house 1 and the position of Uranus at 0°Pisces in a constellation of factual chaos in house 2 the house of possession of territory.

The US attack overturned the government and compeletely destroyed Iraqi administrational, political, police and military structures. It was carried outwith  Mars at 10° Capricorn the sign of governments, administration and stability in exact transit of the  astrogeographical position of Baghdad on March, 20 2003. Jupiter the planet of victory, success and profit orientation was at 8°Leo exactly conjunct the astrogeographical position of the Saudi Arabian government at Riyadh. The capture of Baghdad effectively started a period of global strategical US politics that made Saudi – Arabia the No 1 strategical US ally worldwide. 

Pluto over Baghdad between 2012 and 2015: the attack of the neofascist ISIL on Iraq 

The invasion of Mossul through ISIL fighters on 4 June 2014 marked the climax of the Saudi-Arabian attack on Iraq. The  attack was started at 2:30 in the early morning with the Moon at 22°Leo conjunct the astrogeographical position of Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh (21°Leo-7°Leo). That clearly reveals

Astrological chart for the invasion of ISIL into Mosul on 4 June 2014 calculated for 2:30 with Pluto still conjunct Baghdad and Mars square from 10° Libra and Jupiter conjunct Baghdad at 21°Cancer

The transit of  Pluto conjunct the astrogeographical position of Baghdad at 10° Capricorn between January 2012 and january 2015 accompanied a period of heaviest and traumatic threats to the independence of Iraq and the Iraqi government. The climax of this process was reached in early 2014 during ISIL`s Western Iraq offensive  that led to devastating military losses of  Iraqi government forces as they were driven out of key cities in Western Iraq.  Pluto`s astrological definition as the planet of trauma, pain, self defense, death, the underworld and the battle for hierarchy and power under the disguise of  pseudoreligious ideology, fascistoid dogma, patterns of role conduct and the destruction of religion was definitely fullfilled during the spreading of ISIL terror over a destabilized Iraq.

The  conjunction of Jupiter at 21° Cancer the sign of feeling at home, personal and national identity with Baghdad during the capture of Mossul may indicate that the  loss of Mossul had a highly supportive and long term positive and stabilizing effect on the acceptance of the new central government as the only institution that could fight back the pseudo-islamic neofascist terror regime installed in Mossul by the Saudi-US coalition.

Uranus` square transit between May 2015 and April 2017

Uranus`  transit over the 22°Aries square position to Baghdad took place between May 2015 and April 2017.  It brought the heaviest threats to the authority of Iraqi government through the rise of ISIL and later finally also through the victories of the kurdish claim for autonomy.

Pluto`s opposition to Baghdad between 2018 and 2021

Astrological chart for the Saturn – Pluto conjunction of 12 January 2020 at 22°46 calculated for Baghdad. The conjunction will take place exactly opposite the capital of Iraq

The climax of Pluto`s transit  in opposition to Baghdad between March 2018 and January 2021 will be reached through the Saturn-Pluto-Sun-Mercury conjunction of 12 january 2020 around 22°Capricorn.

As Jupiter will be conjunct the 10°Capricorn position of Baghdad at the same time the extreme challenge exerted by this super opposition can be expected to have a long term stabilizing effect on the Iraqi government and the reconstruction of the country´s infrastructure and the autonomy of its government. There are several reasons for this conclusion.

A   Jupiter as the planet of victory will transit will be in Capricorn the sign of governments.

B   as the planet of healing Jupiter will contact and help in solving the topics of the Saturn -Neptune conjunction of 13 November 1989 which through the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the loss of Iraqs most important ally had triggered the Iraqi depression and the loss of the country`s autonomy in 1991.


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